Frequently Asked Questions

Does SAUREA Motor produce electricity ?

This is not the first vocation of the motor. SAUREA's innovation is the transformation of Solar Energy into Mechanical Energy (no mechanical wear part, no electronics). The sun shines, the motor runs and drives a pumping, cooling… system.

It is nevertheless possible to drive an alternator.

Does SAUREA Motor run during the night ?

NO, it is a SOLAR Motor, it is running under the sun.

What does SAUREA mean ?


What are the dimensions of SAUREA Motor - Model MPA 100 ?

Dimensions are : diameter : 70 cm / height : 22 cm

What is the weight of SAUREA Motor - Model MPA 100 ?

Motor’s weight is about 21 Kg.

What is the price of SAUREA Motor ?

We are studying your projects to propose the most appropriate solution to your needs.

Do not hesitate to consult us !

I have a piece of land off-grid with a water point. Could I use a SAUREA Motor ?

YES, off-grid sites are what SAUREA Motor is for. To answer more precisely, we need first to get more details about your location, the distance between the water source and the use point, the depth of the water source, the volume of the storage tank (Length x Width x Height)...

I have a pond, I wish to set up the banks and to vegetate walls, and then, irrigate them with a drip system. Could I use SAUREA Motor ?

Yes, it is possible to couple SAUREA Motor to a pump. During the day, under sunlights, the sytem will feed a system of drip irrigation or stock water in a tank to allow you to irrigate later, outside sunny periods.

What equipment can I drive with the SAUREA Motor ?

With the SAUREA Motor, you can drive : a pump, a fan, an air extraction turbine, a water agitation equipment, a propeller, a kneader, a mixer, a husker, a crusher, a centrifuge, a mister, a grindstone, a mobile structure, a wheel, an injector, a pounding system...

Can I store energy with the SAUREA Motor ?

NO, the SAUREA Motor does not store electrical energy… But you can store water if you use the motor on a pumping application.

Do we have to add photovoltaic panels ?

YES, SAUREA Motor can run alone in an autonomous way, however, its power is increased thanks to the direct connection to photovoltaic panels.

Can SAUREA Motor recharge batteries ?

The originality of this motor consists in the fact that it transforms solar energy directly into driving force. Its main applications are to drive equipments to pump water, to ventilates scool rooms, farm buildings, to drive machines for artisanal use, etc… If the function that you are looking for is only to recharge batteries, you should use solar panels through a regulator.

Where can we buy SAUREA Motors ?

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