Alain COTY, Electrotechnical Engineer, issued from  aerospace sector, gets passionate about brushless motors and current commutation in the photovoltaic field.

His credo… Enhance reliability of solar installations. His innovation… a disruptive technology with an unprecedented switching mode. His product… A self-switched solar motor, the 1st solar motor in the world.

Alain works with a team of scientific experts: Lionel VIDO, lecturer at Industrial Computing and Electrical Engineering (GEII) Department for the expérimentations on new motors. Loïc QUEVAL, post-doctoral Professor at GeePs-CentraleSupelec -Electrical and Electronic Engineering Laboratory of Paris- for research works on motors performances.

2016, Gen X

Isabelle GALLET-COTY, Applied Physics Engineer and CEO of SAUREA, got the motor out of the laboratory and gave it a physical and commercial reality.

2019, Gen X

The 2nd man, Gilles COTY, Mechanical Engineer, son of the inventor, joigned the team as Technical Director. 

2019, Gen Z

Louise COTY joigned SAUREA as Business Developper.

The team


« Our little green revolution for humans and nature »

Management based on Values

Exogenous values

Ethics, excellence, innovation

Endogenous values

Creativity, sharing, passion, responsibility